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1. What are Sun Sail Shades? Sun Sail Shades are the newest innovative products that can help you block harmful UV rays (89-92%). In warm/hot weather, they can also keep the area up to 20 degrees cooler by blocking the sun and allowing the hot air to pass up and through its breathable fabric. They are also the most cost-effective shading solution. Umbrellas take up space and either need a table or base to secure them. They are not very durable in harsh weather conditions. Awning and gazebos can be very expensive.

2. Where can I install these shades? Virtually anywhere. Most customers are homeowners trying to create a shady area for their kids to play, or on their patio. Some keep them close to their houses or by windows to keep the sun from baking their interior space.

3. Can I install them myself? Yes! About 90% of our customers are DIYers, and make a small project of it. The remainder usually are commercial areas like cafes/restaurants/schools/playgrounds and they have a contractor that they work with to make sure it is done safely and up to code since it is in a public area.

4. Why should I choose a San Diego Sail Shade? We’ve been manufacturing these sail shades for over 10 years, and have put in the time and research to get them done right. We have the largest variety of sizes and colors that should fit any space. We only manufacture sail shade and specialize in making the best quality for a good price.

5. What colors are available? Every size we carry comes in Sandy Beach. It is the most popular due to its neutral color pallet. We also have Terracotta Rust, Green, Coffee and Grey in various sizes.

6. How long should I expect them to last? We generally say about 10 seasons. If you live in an area where it is only warm for 1 season, they can last up to 10 years. Here in San Diego where most customers keep them up all year round, you can expect 2 ½-3 years, but we have had some customers recently come to our store to purchase a new sail shade after over 5 years!!! Like any other outdoor product, you can extend the life by just taking the time to take care of it. Make sure it is installed correctly with the right hardware. Taking it down if you know there is a strong storm coming. Or just storing it when you know that you won’t be enjoying the outdoors much.

7. What are these sun sail shades made of? Our sails are made of a heavy duty polyethylene (HDPE) weave. It is woven in a way to allow the warm air to pass up and through it, which makes the area below much cooler. We also a very high density – 205gsm (grams per square meter) in a our Sandy Beach. Most of our competitors use 140-160gsm which is much thinner and a lot less durable. Our other colors, Green, Terracotta Rust, Coffee Brown and Grey fabrics use a 180gsm weave.

8. What is included? Our sail shades come with D-Ring double stitched in each corner. All edges are folded over and double stitched to create a strong exterior edge. There is 4’ of polypropelene rope (weather-resistant) for each corner for attachment. They are folded beautifully in a zippered carrying case.

9. Why are the edges curved? The origin of the sail shade Is that they resemble a sail boat sail. They are curved for two reasons. Esthetics – They look beautiful with these curves. Squared edges would resemble a cheaper tarp. Secondly, the curved edges make the sail shade much more durable. If a square sail shade was pulled in the corners, it would create a ripple in the sail, and put a lot of tension on corner, which would greatly reduce its durability.

10. How are they measured? We measure the sail shade from d-ring to d-ring. The shades do curve inwards on each edge about a foot. So a 20’x16’ sail shade would measure 18’x14 if you measured from the center of each edge.

11. How do I know what size to choose? That would depend on if you already had the structure created or if you had a particular area you wanted to shade. (Important note: Please allow a minimum of one foot per side for hardware and adjustment. Anything less would make installation more difficult and also may create a sag)

a. If you have a 16’x16’ frame setup, the largest size recommended would be an 14’x14’ sail shade, so you have room for hardware and some wiggle room for adjustment.

b. If you want to create a 16’x16’ shade area, you should get an 18’x18’ sail shade because the edges curve inwards about a foot.

12. How do the standard sun sail shades differ from the waterproof versions? The standard version is made of a woven HDPE, which is porous and allows hot air to flow through it. What waterproof version is made of a 160gsm polyester, which is not porous, so it keeps the water out.